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Ready For Christmas

This is The Christmas Tag – What I Love Most About Christmas. It’s a chain of posts written by bloggers and we get tagged by each other. I have been tagged by Sue Foster and her post about what she loves most about Christmas can be read HERE

Here are my answers to the questions:

What’s Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Die Hard.…yep…the ultimate Christmas Movie must see. I have also added Love Actually to one of my all time favourites too. Bill Nighy makes me laugh every time.

Have You Ever Had a White Christmas?

I am so old that there has bound to have been one at some point in my life time……I do remember many snowy occasions but whether they were at Christmas, who knows.

Where Do You Usually Spend Your Holiday?

I spend Christmas in my own home usually and my children come to me. Last year was an exception. I visited my son in Sri Lanka, arriving a few days before Christmas and outstaying my welcome well in to January 2017. It was fabulous. I even gave the local mosquito population some fresh blood to suck on whilst I was there.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?

I don’t really have a favourite Christmas Song but Slade singing Merry Christmas Everybody is one that really does shout out that it’s Christmas.

Can You Name All of Santa’s Reindeer?

On a good day yes….but it can be a struggle. Lets see there is Dancer and Prancer, Vixen and Dasher. Cupid, Comet and Blixen………and that’s all I remember of the top of my head.
I could cheat and add Rudolph but that would be far to easy eh

What Holiday Traditions Are You Looking Forward to This Year?

We don’t really have any traditions but there is always lots of noise and lots of laughter with plenty of food too.

What Is the Best Christmas Present You Ever Received?

Oh wow…no idea. I love anything that someone has taken time and thought over giving to me.

Most Memorable Christmas Memory?

Not really got a Christmas memory that jumps out but I will always remember standing on the beach in Sri Lanka on Christmas day 2016. Bliss.

What Made You Realise the Truth About Santa?

I don’t recall being told there was no Santa. I don’t even recall being told there was a Santa to be honest….lol

What Makes the Holidays Special for You?

I love Christmas. Yes it is stressful. Yes it does cost a fortune…but…the good times and the fun times make up for all that.

I will be tagging a few blogging friends below who will be writing or have already written about their favourite things about Christmas.


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