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Refill and reuse your plastic bottles

Would you like to use natural products to clean your home with instead of the chemical laden products on the shelves of all supermarkets?

Of course you would. It makes sense after all. Use a more natural cleaning product.

I have tried a number of cleaning products and one of the ones I have felt most comfortable with is SESI which I stock as refillables. You bring your own bottle into the shop and refill with an eco product that works



So why should you use SESI?
It saves money. It reduces plastic use. It also helps two small businesses to grow.

Just bring your own bottle…any bottle (excluding babys bottles) and refill with the product of choice. Simples. I can even put a new label on your bottle that tells you what the product is called, how to use it and what the ingredients are.

As well as SESI I also stock citrus acid, bicarbonate of soda and soda crystals. So bring your own boxes or jars and fill, weigh and pay.
So what is bicarb or bicarbonate of soda?


Baking soda and bicarbonate of soda are the same thing, just with different names. Baking soda tends to be the American name, while in the UK and in Australia we tend to call it bicarbonate of soda. Meanwhile baking powder, although also used to make cakes rise, is used slightly differently.
Bicarbonate of soda, is a leavening agent used in baking and needs to be mixed with liquid and an acidic ingredient (eg honey, chocolate, lemon, buttermilk) to react and make cakes rise.
You can also

  • Use baking soda to clean your kitchen
  • Stop smelly trainers with bicarb
  • Soothe a sore throat naturally with baking soda
  • Use bicarb to kill weeds in your garden
  • Make natural beauty treatments with baking soda
  • Bicarb can help keep your carpets clean
  • Defrost your driveway in seconds with bicarb
  • Use baking soda to cure heartburn
  • Find relief from insect bites with bicarbonate of soda
  • Get your white laundry even whiter using baking soda
  • Make a natural mouthwash with bicarb
  • Stop dandruff with baking soda

A quick search on the internet will help you find 100s of uses for bicarb and because I stock a food grade bicarb you can also use it to make cakes.

You can also find out about citric acid and soda crytals too..


Citric acid is a white crystalline powder which is in some fruits like lemon. It is widely used in the food industry as an antioxidant and stabilizer, but because of their properties is also widely used in cleaning products to cut grease and remove some stains. It is environmentally safe, which is a good alternative to other caustic cleaners that can be harmful and toxic

  • Use citric acid to clean your house
  • Clean drains and help unblock them too
  • Disinfect and descale the washing machine
  • Descale the kettle/iron
  • Remove the white scaling on glasses and dishes in the dishwasher (do not use on metal utensils etc)
  • Mix with borax to clean rust spots
  • Remove deodorant stains from some clothes (spot test first)
  • Make your own bath bombs
  • Photography

Soda crystals have a multitude of uses, from removing stains to unclogging drains. Just use with hot water.

Here are a few ways to use soda crystals

  • Clean your washing machine
  • Clean your drains
  • Remove burnt on bits from saucepans
  • Boost your laundry detergent
  • Soften crunchy towels
  • Clean algae and moss off the patio
  • Soda Crystals are approved by DEFRA for the prevention of ‘foot & mouth’ disease.

So many uses of products which are less harmful to the environment but just as effective, as those “brand name” cleaning products you buy in the supermarket.




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