Deodorant and how to use it

No one likes to think that they smell…horrible, so thats why we wear deodorant. We hope that it stops that BO stench. The thing is that often we cannot smell ourselves and by the time we can, we smell really awful to everyone else. So how do we keep ourselves smelling sweet?

Firstly you have to have a clean base or no amount of deodorant will help keep you as fresh as a daisy. A daily shower is essential making sure you clean your arm pits thoroughly. 

If you want a deeper clean you could also give your pits a detox to help ensure you are as clean as possible.

This simple (but slightly messy) detox is one of the best I have found and it has only 3 ingredients.


  • 2 Tb Bentonite Clay Powder
  • 1 Tb Apple Cider Vinegar (I usually do just under 1 TB, doesn’t have to be exact).
  • Water – as needed

Mix the Bentonite clay powder with the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and gradually add small amounts of water until the mixture resembles a thick paste.

How to use:
Wash and thoroughly dry your arm pits. 
Apply the paste until you have completely covered your pit area.
Leave for 15 minutes. If you feel any irritation, burning, itching, rinse off immediately and seek medical advice if needed.
After 15 minutes rinse well and dry thoroughly before applying your deodorant of choice.

How often should I detox?
This is a personal choice. Some people like to do it regularly. Others do it as required. It really is up to you, but you do not need to do this more often than once a week.

Change it up
You can even add a few drops of essential oil to the detox mixture. Lemon, lavender or tea tree are especially effective due to their healing and antibacterial properties.

Bentonite Clay     &  Apple Cider Vinegar   &   Water

Once you are happy that you body (your pits) are clean and toxins free you then need to decide which type of deodorant you would like to use. There are so many on the market.
The basic types are: Aerosol, roll on, gel, cream, crystal, or wipes.
Then decide if you want scented or unscented. 

At Purple Nanny I have a variety of deodorants because not every deodorant suits every body. Non of the deodorants I stock are anti-persperant because they are not good for you. Antiperspirants are made with aluminium chloride and other aluminium compounds that can block the opening of sweat glands to control excessive sweating.  

In the past, there were some concerns that antiperspirants could be linked to breast cancer. But these claims have since been disproven, and there is no clear evidence that using antiperspirants increases your risk of cancer. 

According to the National Cancer Institute, antiperspirants are safe to use and no studies have confirmed a direct link between these products and cancer or other negative health effects.

Having said that I am still of the opinion that our bodies sweat ducts should not be blocked up. Our skin should be able to breathe, and for that reason non of the deodorants I stock are an anti-persperant type. 

If you are looking for a creamy deodorant in a tube then the Your Nature natural deodorant is the one to try. It’s my favourite. It’s great value and works well on bodies like mine that sweat a lot.

For a deodorant that you put on using your fingers then why not try the Pit Putty range. It smells delish and is very popular with my customers. Its available in a handy size to so you can keep it in your bag for those times when you end up staying away from home for the night 

For the cost conscious who are also looking for something a little different then the Biork is definitely a deodorant you will love. It’s a hard crystal (do not drop it on the floor or it will shatter) and will last about 3 years with regular daily use. 
Make sure you don’t rub the crystal onto your pits. Just glide it gently over wet skin. It is best used directly after getting out of the bath or shower and before drying your pits.

If you would like to know more just pop to the website HERE 


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