Do you want to be more eco?

Faith In Nature Shampoo refill

Being an eco warrior doesn’t have to be complicated. It also doesn’t mean making huge changes.

If everyone made one small change it would have a huge impact. What change will you make?

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Start with one simple swop. Why not swop your washing up liquid for a refill instead of buying a new bottle. You probably use in the region of 12 washing up bottles a year (one a month)…..thats a lot of plastic and its strangling the planet. Refilling one bottle is simple. Takes very little time too and you may find that it saves you money too.

At Purple Nanny you can refill a 500ml of SESI washing up liquid for just £1.00. SESI washing up liquid is eco…vegan…free from lots the nasty chemicals that other brands contain…and is made in the UK by an independent company. How awesome is that.

Or if you do not want to go to a specialist shop (or if you live in the Dorchester, Weymouth, Bridport area…have your refills done on your own doorstep) then why not make one other change. 
Make sure you always carry a shopping bag with you. It can be the plastic one that you had to buy when you did you last shop. Just fold it up and keep it in your handbag or in the car, so that you have it handy the next time you pop to the shops.

One simple change could save the planet from scenes like this


Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash




Do your bit by shopping with Purple Nanny. A cruelty free, vegan and eco shop.

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