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The Flag of Dorset is the flag of the English county of Dorset. The ‘Dorset Cross’ was chosen as the flag of Dorset on 16 September 2008 following a public vote, open to all Dorset residents, and organised by Dorset County Council.

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The Dorset flag is made of three colours – red (pantone 186), white and gold (pantone 116). These colours are found in the arms (and supporters) of Dorset County Council.

Although the gold in the flag was applied by Stephen Coombs in order to follow the rule of tincture, it was later suggested that to be more significant than originally thought:

  • The supporters of the arms of Dorset County Council are two golden dragons, representing;
  • Wessex; the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom. Dorset was at the heart of Wessex, which allegedly used a golden dragon as its emblem.
  • Dorset’s agriculture. During spring, much of rural Dorset grows rapeseed, covering the county in fields of yellow. Dorset also grows wheat and barley.
  • Dorset’s sandy beaches; particularly Weymouth and Bournemouth.
  • Golden Cap, the highest point on the Jurassic Coast.
  • Gold Hill, the nationally famous street in Shaftesbury.
  • The Dorset militia and regiment used the colours gold, red and green.

The flag also recognises St. Wite, a female Dorset saint who is buried at Whitchurch Canonicorum. An Anglo-Saxon holy woman, she was thought to have been martyred by invading Danes in the 9th century.

The flag has been variously known as “The Dorset Cross”, “St Wite’s Cross” or simply “The Dorset Flag”. David White expressed a preference for “The Dorset Cross”, due to its more secular nature.

The rapeseed plant

The official website of the flag is maintained by David White. Chris Brown proceeded to found the now defunct Dorset Flags For Good Causes group that sold flags to raise funds for Dorset-based good causes. This was eventually passed to the Dorset Community Foundation charity.


The Purple Nanny shop is in Abbotsbury Dorset. You can find me opposite the village car park.

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The Dorset flag is just one of many things we are proud of here in the South West.

If you haven’t visited Dorset in a long time, or maybe you can make your first visit. You can read about Weymouth Dorset and its surrounding areas in the Metro here


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