Going Plastic free Shopping

Lets get started

That is such a scary thing to want to try and do. I can see you standing in your kitchen thinking “where do I begin”
The first thing is…don’t stress it. This is not suddenly going to happen today. You have spent years buying items in plastic and suddenly deciding that this is wrong can be quite frightening.

So, where to start.
The first thing to do is write a shopping list of all the things you need to buy this week (or month if you do a monthly shop). Not having a list means you buy withoutthought. It can mean you will make an assumption that you are nearly running out of a product and because you have made an assumption you will buy something that you don’t necessarily need on this trip.

Got the list?
That was easy, right.
I am guessing that it is already divided up into the shopping aisle. All the cleaning products together and all the confectionary together. If it’s not then you may need to remake the list try andorganise the shopping in the second list. Putting the products into sections makes it easier to look at where you can make your changes.

What next!
I know that you are already looking at the list thinking “wow, do we really need all this stuff” and the chances are you do, but maybe this time you can do your shopping in a slightly different way.

How to shop!
Make sure you have all your bags with you. Every bag. For everything.
Also, add to the bags the containers you need to do your shopping. Making sure that you are reusing the things you already have at home. Got a plastic box? Use it. Got an empty jam jar? USE IT.

It’s time to think about HOW you shop
Do you need to go to more than one shop?
Do you normally do all your shopping at the local supermarket?
Can you look at your list and make one change to the way you shop?

Not everyone has the luxury of time, or the luxury of choice, but if you could buy one item (or several items but of the same “type”) from somewhere other than the local supermarket what on your list could you get from elsewhere? Is there a local meat market, or butchers, farm shop, where you could buy your meat/eggs/vegetables from? If there is then do that first. Buy that one item (or range of items) from somewhere other than the supermarket.
Once you have bought from the other shop you can then head to your normal supermarket and get the rest of your the items on your list. Making sure you use the bags, or jars, that you have bought with you to put your shopping in.

Going plastic free is a struggle at first.
I can see you are going cross-eyed just thinking of the work involved in doing one shopping trip. But it does get easier. This first time is all about you being taken out of your comfort zone and it’s disconcerting. You have never had to do this before. Normally you go shopping and you amaze yourself if you remember your shopping bags.
After today though it’s all going to be different. Each time you do this it will get easier. You will not need to be told to spend time organizing yourself. You will already have got yourself organized after the last shopping trip.

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