How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb

Make Your Own Bath Bomb

Have you always loved bath bombs but hate the size of choice/fragrance/size or perhaps you just love being able to make your own products.
This bath bomb recipe is so easy and of course you can change the fragrances to suit yourself.

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Recipe

1 x large bowl

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

Mixing spoon

Molds (you can use any type of mold including ice cube trays is they are no longer used for ice cubes)


1 x cup of bicarbonate of soda

1 x 1/2 cup of citric acid

1 x 1/2 cup of corn starch or arrow root

1 x 1/2 cup of epsom salts

1 x teaspoon of water

2 x teaspoons of essential oil (fragrance of your choice) you can adjust this amount to suit

3 x teaspoons of olive oil or almond oil

a few drops of food colouring (any colour you want)


How to mix

Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix.
In a seperate bowl mix the oil, essential oil and water.
Quickly add the liquid to the dry ingredients and mix well

Slowly add the colouring. Do it a few drops at a time.

You can then knead the mixture with your hands.

If it is too dry add a few drops of water in very small increments.

Once it is all mixed and starting to clump together fill the molds

Make sure you compact the mixture into the molds so that the bombs do not fall apart.

Leave to dry for about 24 hours. Then pop your bath bombs out of the molds and store them in a suitable container.


Why not try using muffin cases for your molds. There are so many choices.

Once you have perfected your bath bombs you could make them as gifts for friends and family.



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