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Shampoo bars and hair care

Are you debating making the change to using a shampoo bar instead of a liquid shampoo?


Green Wyse Handmade Geranium Soap
Green Wyse Handmade Geranium Soap

It’s always difficult to change from a tried and trusted shampoo to a new brand. It is even more of a challenge when wondering whether a shampoo bar will leave your hair looking great or not.

It’s not an easy decision and it may take you a few weeks to get used to a bar instead of a liquid. You may also find that the first bar you try is not the one for you even if you have been trying it for a few weeks. But, do not give up trying them. There is a bar out there that suits your hair type.

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Superfly Coconut Conditioner Bar
Superfly Coconut Shampoo Bar
Superfly Shampoo Bar

At Purple Nanny I sell 3 different brands and each have wonderful properties to them.

Friendly Hair and Body Bar
Friendly Shampoo bar (guest size)

At first, your scalp might become slightly oily or dry, or flip between the two.  It might feel frizzy or waxy too, like there’s a bit of residue left in it.

Don’t panic, this is normal, and it’s just your hair’s way of adjusting because your scalp needs time to rebalance its natural oil production. This stage usually lasts around a week or two, depending on just how much damage using chemical shampoos has done, and also how often you wash your hair.

Stick with it!

Washing your hair

Brush your hair before you get it wet. This will loosen any dirt particles that your hair has picked up.

Wet hair thoroughly.

Just run the shampoo bar over your head in one direction, from front to back. This will help you to avoid creating any pesky knots. If you do not want to rub the bar directly on to your head then lather the bar in your hands instead.

Once you have a good amount of shampoo on your head, massage it into your scalp using your fingers. Now rinse your hair thoroughly with water until every drop of shampoo is out. 

That’s it – you’re done.

If your hair doesn’t settle then try using an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse as this helps restore your scalp’s pH balance as well as banish old chemicals. It will also protect the shaft of each hair and give it a wonderful shine too.

Apple cider vinegar spritz
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar (use the type with ‘mother of vinegar’)
  • 4 parts water
  • A few drops of your favourite essential oil

Remember to brush your hair often throughout the day to help keep your hair looking and feeling great.

Don’t forget to wash your hair brush as often as you wash your hair.


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