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Why the Purple Nanny?

Welcome to the Purple Nanny Chit Chatter blog. Would you like to know why the Purple Nanny is called the Purple Nanny?

I am the owner of a cruelty free shop and I wanted to tell you all about them plus chat about things that harm the planet we are visitors to.

Are you a vegan? Or maybe you are considering leading a more eithical lifestyle. If so then chat to me and tell me about your journey and I will tell you about mine.

Want to find out a little about reducing the amount of single use plastic that is currently killing wildlife…and us

Want to read about one of my most popular products?

My shop – Purple Nanny

One of the first questions I get asked is how did Purple Nanny get it’s name.
I am the owner, Tina Raymond, and for the last (more years than I care to remember) I have had purple hair, and I love it. It might not be to everyone’s liking but we are all individuals with unique tastes and that is how it should be. 

Purple Nanny resting

When I was starting my business the name Purple Nanny was the first name I thought of. I had been Nanny Tina Purple Raymond for a number of years to my grandchildren and my friends on Facebook and so it seemed the natural choice.

“but it doesn’t tell people enough about the type of business you are!” I can hear you exclaim.

No it doesn’t but that is part of its uniqueness. The Purple Nanny store is whatever we choose it to be. It will always sell ethical cruelty free products, but over the coming years I hope that it will grow into a shop where you will find everything you need to lead an ethical, cruelty free, lifestyle.

The Purple Nanny store opened for business in Abbotsbury Dorset in October 2016.
My shop closed in June 2020 but I still sell cruelty free, and eco, products. Check them out online. If, however, you are looking for a particular product and it’s not on the shelves then let me know and I will do my very best to source it.

The Purple Nanny also offers FREE local deliveries. T&Cs apply.

Start your own business your way
Do you like your job? Or do you LOVE it!

Why are you staying in a job you don’t love?

I have had lots of jobs over the years. I have loved them all and have left them to either improve my family life or because there was a better offer on the table. I have never stayed in any job which has not given me satisfaction. Don’t get me wrong. I have had days where I have not wanted to get out of bed to go to “that job” and have suffered the same doubts, frustrations, head banging times as everyone else, but when I have looked at the job and whether I should stay or go then on the whole the jobs have been good ones.
My last job was driving a mobile library bus. I LOVED it. The downside was it was a zero hours contract and so there were weeks when there was no work. This was no good for me both financially and mentally. I needed to be working.

and then…

I saw a Facebook status on my newsfeed. My Facebook friend said she was starting her own business with a company called an MLM company. I had never heard of an MLM business. I had no idea what it was and had no idea that some people see MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) as something to aviod. I honestly have no idea why they think like that. Maybe they have brought into an MLM company and expected to sit back and be paid to do nothing…I dunno…its weird. Anyways before I discovered later what it meant I was already hooked.

So why did I become hooked? Well. I was my own boss. I started my own company whilst still working on the library bus. There was very little outlay and I was up and running…running my own business.

How awesome is that.
I did make other purchases. I brought my own domain name for 99p and I paid for some business cards and that was that.

How easy was that.
I am not sure that there is a cheaper way of starting your own business where you do not need to buy stock etc.
My business then grew. I decided to start doing fairs/fetes etc. This of course meant that I had to buy stock for them but they were such a success that I was able to start my own shop….and all this from seeing a friends status on Facebook.

There are so many different ways to take the business. If you decide like me that it is something you want to try then you could do any of the following

  • Sell online
  • Table top sales
  • Cataloguing
  • House parties
  • Drop shipping
  • Retail
  • and many many more avenues to be your very own boss

MLM might not be for everyone. It is not an “easy” way to make money. It still takes hard work and commitment.
It can, however, help set you on the road to earning some extra money and eventually either making the MLM business a full time job or helping you to move into full time employment.
Good luck for the future….it is after all…all your’s