Plastic in your teabags………!

plastic in your tea

Yes. You did read that right. The heading is plastic tea bags.
No. I am not advocating using them.

Did you know that your tea bags may have plastic in them? No? You are not alone.  This has come as such a shock to me because it is something that I have only recently discovered.
There are lots of things in my home, and in my shop, which are made from plastic. Obvious plastic. There are the bottles which hold my shampoo and there are the beakers my grandchildren use….and lots, lots more items beside those.
When it came to my cuppa though I had no idea that the tea came in bags made from plastic.
To say I was stunned is an understatement. Surely not. My tea is organic. The bag is organic. Why would there be plastic in there.
I did some digging around, I also emailed one tea company for clarification, and yep, thier tea bags are made from plastic. In fact most tea bags have polypropylene, a type of plastic used to glue the sides of the bag together.
Not all tea bags contain plastic, but if your tea bag is the round or square type then the likely hood is that there is plastic in there.

Arghhhhhhhhh. Do what!!!!
Do we need this?
No! Absolutely not. I do not want to discover that my organic tea in its organic bag has microscopic bits of plastic in there.
Also. The bags will never decompose in your compost bin either…….
Arghhhhhhhhhh. Do what!!!
So. Its time to change teas. After contacting Tick Tock I found that they make a brand of tea called Dragonfly tea and this does not contain plastic.

I don’t know about you but I do not want to have plastic hidden from me. I want to make my choices about the food I eat and also what I drink based on companies being open and honest about their produce.
I am a trusting person and I hate being lied to, even if that lie is “by omission”.
Stop lying to me.
Give me food and drink which does not contain hidden plastic….or any other hidden nasties.

If like me you would like to stop drinking plastic then you can buy Dragonfly tea here

I will also be sourcing other brands of tea in the future so watch this space


The Scandalous Plastic in Tea Bags – Who Knew?

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