So many vegan products

I started my shop in Abbotsbury in October 2016 with the hope of bringing as many vegan products to you as possible and that is still my passion.
I love finding new products, especially the ones that are not easily found elsewhere.

My latest “find”

What I have noticed in the last year is that the supermarkets are now stocking more and more vegan products which is great for the shopper…. makes it harder for me as a small shop owner though. Sob.
I don’t have the money that supermarkets have, oh how I wish I did, I also don’t have their buying power, which is not as bad as you would think. You see their buying power means that they don’t care as much as I do. All they care about is the bottom line. They just want to make huge profits…. I just want to pay my bills. 
The supermarkets also dictate how much they will pay for the products on their shelves. That’s not right is it!
I pay the price the supplier asks.
This means that the person who has crafted hard to get their product on the market gets the price they ask, not the price the supermarket owners are willing to pay.

Helping you by doing home deliveries FREE

I also love to help. 

and I want to help you.

I want to help make it easier for you to find vegan and eco products without you having to read every label first and without you having to search those supermarket shelves too.

I also want to help by bringing my shop to you. If you cant get to me then I can get to you…..if you live locally.
This is something that I have offered since the day I opened my shop… but most people have only taken advantage of since the outbreak of the global pandemic Covid-19. 

Once the country returns to normal and other shops will stop their home deliveries, I won’t. I will still be offering to bring your shopping to you for FREE.
You can even have your refills done on your own doorstep. No need to come to Abbotsbury. Let me come to you. You can pay by cash or card. I can take card payments on your doorstep. I want it to be easy for you.


What products would you like to buy?

I bet you also didn’t know that I stock quite a few products that are not on the website too.
I have items that are too big to post or too heavy to post at a reasonable price.
I stock 9 roll packs of toilet paper – £4.20
I also have hay for your small pets as well as some furry friends treats such as gnawables for guinea pigs and dog treats (which are on the website).

more furry treats available

There is so much more to Purple Nanny than just refills of washing up liquid….and chocolate.

Why not ask me for a product and let’s see if I either stock it already or if I can get it in for you and what price it will be.

11 Market Street Abbotsbury

So let me know…
What do you want to see on the shelves?
What do you want delivered to your doorstep?
Is there a product you want to know more about?

There are lots of ways to get in touch.
Why not email me at
Or message me through my website
Or message me through social media
Facebook: Purple Nanny Cruelty Free Shopping
Twitter: Purple Nanny Shop
Instagram: PurpleNannyCrueltyFree

I hope to hear from you soon. 

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