There is plastic in our chewing gum

Plastic in our chewing gum? Yes you read that right.

I am so gullible. For years I saw the adverts on the TV and thought that the manufacturers and advertisers were showing me products that I needed (I know…dumb right!). 

I also thought that, although all the food would not be healthy because there woud be added fats, sugars, food colourings etc, that at least I was buying something where the ingredients were on show and I was making an informed choice.


I then discovered that not only were they adding plastic to my organic, unbleached, rooibos tea bags (I am still seething about it) I now discover its in our chewing gum too.

How are we supposed to guess that the manufacturer is going to put plastic INSIDE our foods. What!


But now I have been educated.
I have swopped my husbands usual brand of chewing gum to one that has not got added plastic. I swopped him to Chewsy

Plastic Free Gum

Wouldn’t it be great if companies told us the truth.

According to Thought.Co chewing gum was originally made from he latex sap of the sapodilla tree. Sounds yummy huh!
They also “sometimes beeswax or paraffin wax is used as a gum base”.
Both sound awful. Who wants to be chewing on paraffin wax…yeuk.

I also read an article in the Ecologist which might make you balk a bit called “Behind the label” you can read it here : The Ecologist

If you would like to know why I chose Chewsy as the gum for my shop (and my hubby) you can read all about it on their own website here: Chewsy Gum

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