What is body brushing and why you should do it

Body moisturisers or lotions are great for helping keep the skin looking and feeling great but to really make a difference they need a skin that has been well prepared before hand….and thats where body brushing comes in.

Here are just a few reasons why you should start using a body brush

purple nanny body brush

A regular dry brush over the thighs and bum is proven to do more to erase dimples and tone any wobbly bits than the hundreds of lotions, potions and creams that flood the beauty market daily. 

Body brushing helps healthy lymph drainage, helps your body metabolise toxins more efficiently, discourages fluid retention and cellulite (which are related to each other), and soften and tone your skin. The benefits are immediate and lasting.

Microbeads in beauty products have at long last been banned for good (microbeads were tiny pieces of plastic) and instead the beauty industry is using crushed walnuts or apricots to help with skin exfoliation, but some people find these far to abrasive on their skin.

This is where dry body brushing comes into its own.

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Ageing can take its toll on our skin, making it less efficient at shedding the top layer (epidermis) and replacing it with the fresh new skin cells below. Our skin also becomes less elastic as we age. Body brushing can help get rid of those dead skin cells so that the new much more supple skin below appears.

Body brushing also helps any moisturiser or body lotion action by preparing the skin by the slouthing of old dead skin cells. Regular exfoliation primes the skin so that the ingredients are better absorbed.

How to body brush

Body brushing is best done before hopping into the bath or shower, the process only takes a couple of minutes. And – in case you’ve skipped straight down to this bit – your skin must be DRY. Duh.

Start at the feet in the direction of your heart then continue working over the entire body.

Quick flicks rather than long slow, strokes are key. These should continue from feet to knees (don’t forget behind them – where the lymph nodes are), knees to hips, over the bum, hands to shoulders. 
When it comes to the torso you should use a circular motion. Always circle in an anticlockwise direction, this will not only help your skin but improve your digestion too.

A daily dry body brush will wake you up better than any morning caffeine hit. Start today and begin to feel the benefits immediately.

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